Talk: The next one hundred diagrammatic specification techniques

Extreme heterogeneity of the software world has led to extreme heterogeneity of software descriptions. The latter are often overly sugared syntactically and overloaded with particular details of presentation and implementation. The role of specifications in such a heterogeneous and notationally diverse environment becomes much more important and even crucial. The area strongly needs an integral framework of powerful specification principles capable to cover different data and their semantics in a uniform way.

In the talk we present and discuss a novel formalizable specification paradigm, called Generalized Sketches and proposed, independently, by Diskin and Makkai. It is a rigorous diagrammatic specification formalism based on Category Theory. Among the principal advantages of generalized sketches are the following:

So, sketch specifications enjoy a unique combination of rigour, expressiveness and comprehensibility. They can be used for data modeling, process modeling and metadata modeling as well thus providing a unified specification framework for the entire field of software engineering.

Short Bio

Uwe Wolter is Associate Professor at the Department of Informatics of the University of Bergen in Norway. He has been working on Partial Universal Algebra, Algebraic Specifications, Categorical Algebra, Institutions, and Coalgebras. He administrated different projects in Germany and Norway. His current research interests include also Semantics of Process Calculi and Generalized Sketches.

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