Valeria Giardino (CNRS/Archives Henri Poincaré, Nancy)

The objective of the three lectures will be to review the most recent literature on diagrammatic reasoning in mathematics so as to provide participants with a helpful map to explore it.

Talk on 16/11/2016 (The Euclidean Diagram)

The first lecture will introduce the general topic and then focus on the role and features of diagrams and diagrammatic reasoning in Euclidean geometry.

Talk on 21/11/2016 (Diagramatic Practices in Contemporary Mathematics)

The second lecture will turn the attention to studies discussing diagrammatic reasoning in contemporary mathematics and computational perspectives.

Talk on 23/11/2016 (Reasoning by Diagrams and Mathematics: What We Have Learnt)

The final lecture will discuss diagrams as representations that are introduced in support to other symbolic practices, and will argue that the study of diagrammatic reasoning can shed light on the nature of mathematical thinking in general.

The lectures will be mainly based on the following two references:

mathematics. In: L. Magnani and T. Bertolotti (eds.), Springer Handbook of Model-Based Science, Springer, Switzerland.

Mathematics. In: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

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