Paraty 2012

Logic School: Proof Theory: Linear Logic, Ludics and Geometry of Interaction

Conference: Transcendental Syntax: The conditions of Possibility of Language

Paraty, Rio de Janeiro-RJ, Brazil, August, 27th - September, 1st 2012

The conference will take place at Casa da Cultura de Paraty.

Due to problems with our paypal account, the registration fee from now on shall be paid directly to the Organizing Committee in Paraty.

Hotel Information

The main hotel of the conference is the Villas de Paraty. If you are going to register in this hotel, mention the Transcendental Syntax conference for a better price.

Other hotels near are Pousada Antigona and Pousada Azul.

For guests of Villas de Paraty Hotel, there is free internet access in the social area but not all the rooms are covered with Wi-Fi.

For guests of Mengo Palace Hotel (at Rio de Janeiro), it is charged an optional fee of R$5,00 for a 24h internet access.

Bus to Paraty information

If you are interested in go to Paraty using the bus of the Organizing Committee, please send an email to <bvieira AT inf DOT puc-rio DOT br> (there are few vacancies).

Scientific Commitee

Organizational Commitee

School Main Topics


The welcome cocktail will be on August 26th, on Casa da Cultura de Paraty, at 18h:30.

Financial help for participants

A limited number of modest travel grants will be available for participants who would not otherwise have resources to attend ProofTheory2012, and whose attendance would benefit both the applicant and the event.

Applicants should note that a grant is limited, and that costs in excess of the grant will not be reimbursed.

Grants will be awarded based on the grant committee's assessment of the applicant's genuine financial need, the potential benefit to the applicant's education and research, and the potential benefit to ProofTheory2012.

Applications: should explain briefly (limited to 2000 characters)

Applications should be send by July, 15th to the following email address <luiz AT inf DOT puc-rio DOT br>. The following should also be sent with the application:

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