Talk: Mobile and Distributed Applications in Maude

In this talk I will present two ongoing projects regarding the specification, prototyping, and analysis of mobile and distributed applications using the language Maude based on rewriting logic.

Firstly, I will present Mobile Maude, a mobile agent language extending Maude and supporting mobile computation. Mobile Maude uses reflection to obtain a simple and general declarative mobile language design and makes possible strong assurances of mobile agent behavior. The formal semantics of Mobile Maude is given by a rewrite theory in rewriting logic. Its specification uses the reflective capabilities of the Maude system in a truly distributed implementation using external sockets provided by Maude. Messages and mobile objects may travel from one machine to another in a transparent way. I will also show how we use Maude’s model checker to prove properties about mobile agent applications.

Secondly, I will show how distributed applications can be implemented in Maude by using parameterized skeletons. Algorithmic skeletons are a well-known approach for implementing distributed applications. Declarative versions of it typically use higher-order functions in functional languages. We show here a different approach based on parameterized modules in Maude, which owns the appropriate features to achieve the desired goals. Architectures are conceived separately from the skeletons that are implemented on top of them and receive the operations solving a concrete problem as a parameter.

Short bio

Prof. Alberto Verdejo is "Profesor Titular" in the Facultad de Informática of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and member of the UCMaude research group. Prof. Verdejo has been working on Rewriting Logic and the Maude system for several years with important contributions in this research area, in particular on representing executable operational semantics. His current research interests are on the design of a strategy language for Maude, and the specification and verification of distributed and mobile systems in Maude.

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